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School Uniform

All children should attend school wearing the uniform and presented in line with the following information:


Maroon sweatshirt or cardigan (with school crest optional)

Grey trousers

White polo shirt (with school crest optional)

Plain black or grey socks

Black shoes



Grey shorts in the summer



Maroon cardigan or sweatshirt (with school crest optional)

Grey skirt / dress

White polo shirt (with school crest optional)

Plain grey/black or white socks / tights

Black shoes



Grey trousers in winter

Grey shorts in the summer

Pink gingham dress in the summer

PE Kit

Burgundy Sports Tee (with school crest optional)

Plain black shorts

1/4 Zip Black sports top

Trainers for indoor and outdoor PE

Black tracksuit for outdoor PE in winter



Shoes should be flat heeled, without extreme style and black in colour.  Trainers are not permitted for school wear.


Hair and Jewellery

Long hair should be tied back for hygiene reasons.  Hair bands and bobbles should be simple, plain and should be black or maroon, in keeping with school uniform colours.  Extreme hair styles, for example “Tramlines", close cropping or shaving and dyeing of hair, are discouraged as they lower the standards within school.  In order to avoid wasting money and time, please check in school if you are unsure whether a hair style will be appropriate.


Jewellery is not allowed except for simple watches and small stud earings, which must be removed or covered during PE.  Please provide your own tape for covering if necessary.  Make up and nail varnish is not allowed in school.


Outdoor Coats

School fleeces and reversible jackets are available through our supplies (as above).

Outdoor coats should be worn when appropriate as children have outdoor play as often as possible.


PE Kit

Physical Education is an important part of the National Curriculum and it is important that children have a PE kit in school every day.  PE kit should be stored in the cloakroom, in a named PE drawstring bag.


Please ensure that your child has his/her name on all items of school clothing.


Lost property is stored within the cloakroom areas.  Please speak to your child’s class teacher if an item of clothing has been lost. Should property not be collected, it will be disposed of at the end of each term.


Uniform suppliers

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