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School Meals

Healthy Snacks

The School Council are very proactive in promoting and monitoring healthy snacks at break time.  Since their assembly in the Autumn Term, they have gathered evidence to prove that more children are now bringing a healthy snack for break time.  Please support us in making sure that any snack sent in from home are a healthier option.  Toast and drinks are also available from school to purchase on a weekly basis.

Snack Prices 2020 -2021

Toast and Milk £2.15
Toast and Juice £2.75
Juice £1.50
Milk 90p
Toast £1.25


School Meals

School meals are prepared on site in the school's kitchens by our school cook, Mrs Jane Gallagher.

School meals cost £2.40 per day. Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are provided with a free hot dinner every day.

Should you wish to send your child to school with a packed lunch, please make sure that it has their name and class written on to the bag.  We encourage healthy eating at school so please take time to read our School Food and Drink Policy to make sure that your child's packed lunch provides a healthy, balanced meal.

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