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February 2017

Warrington Wolves Tag Rugby Training

Year 3 and 4 are working hard with the Warrington Wolves Foundation to develop their tag rugby skills.  These sessions will continue for the next few weeks.

Mystery Solved!

What a week we have had investigating our mystery egg which arrived some time over the weekend before returning to school from the half term break.

Finally the mystery was solved when "Rexanna", mother to the egg, returned with her Ranger to collect the egg.

World Book Day too an "Explorer" theme based on what had been going on during the rest of the week - school was filled with lots of different types of explorers and investigators. 

Throughout the week the children have been fantastic investigators, scientists, researchers and reporters - the Ranger and the PCSO were both very impressed and grateful for all your help!

Spanish Day

Year 5 and 6 had a great time working with pupils at St Gregory’s to develop their knowledge and understanding of the Spanish language and Spanish culture.
School has been filled with the delicious smell of Spanish food and the sound of flamenco music!  The children looked fantastic in their Spanish-themed outfits.  

Lots of learning about Spanish culture and the language have taken place to add to the fantastic language learning going on each week throughout Key Stage 2. 

Magic Maths!

Professor Poopenshtinken, the mathematical genius, came to visit us on Wednesday 8th February. He led an assembly for our children where he claimed to be the greatest mathematician ever. Nobody believed him but he stunned our children by reading minds and performing amazing mathematical tricks.

Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 7th February we celebrated Safer Internet Day with assemblies and special activities to remind children about keeping safe online.

Hinduism Week

This week (week beginning 6th February) all the children have been learning about Hinduism, the beliefs, customs and traditions.  

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