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Let's Get Active at Home!

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 If you're not self-isolating, you can also get some exercise in your local wood. But please don't travel unnecessarily and always follow the Government's social distancing advice to keep yourselves and others safe. Here are a few ideas from the woodland trust. 

1. Go on a minibeast hunt

Spring is well and truly kicking in now, and the warmer weather will bring lots of creepy crawlies out. So get your kids out in the fresh air and take a closer look at your garden. You'll soon notice it's teeming with wildlife! Can you find...

  • a worm after a spring shower
  • a bumblebee looking for nectar
  • a spotty ladybird exploring the grass
  • a slimy snail in a dark damp spot
  • a butterfly basking in the sunshine?
  • 2. Make a loo roll bird feeder

    This is messy fun kids will love to get stuck into. And it will help them learn about the birds in your neighbourhood.

    You can make this simple feeder with items you probably already have at home:

  • Smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter (no added salt and sugar versions are suitable for birds).
  • Roll it in bird seed and thread some string through the hole.
  • Tie it up in your garden where birds will feel safe eating.
  • 3. Make natural art

    Art and crafts will be a popular way to keep kids busy. To mix things up, put the pencils and crayons to one side and look for natural art materials instead. Collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture or sculpture. Please make sure you don't pick wildflowers, however, as they are important for wildlife and some are protected by law.

    You could even use the objects as 'stampers' or paintbrushes - dipping them in paint and rolling, brushing or stamping them on paper to create interesting patterns and effects

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